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Mission and Values



AYURGA, LLC is a single-member limited liability corporation founded in 2018 by CEO Terri Miles, E-RYT 500 to promote and support her unique and trademarked approach to holistic healing yoga practice. Dedicated to teaching people of all ages how to achieve  peace of mind and body through simple mind and body practices (yoga) and healthy living principles (Ayurveda), AYURGA was founded on Terri's personal belief that partnering with clients in one on one and duet private yoga sessions can help them to achieve better outcomes for their healing journey than they can achieve in less-personalized, one-size-fits-all group classes.

AYURGA is committed to ensuring that Terri's personal values for teaching are carried into every session. These include:

Lead by example: Terri knows that in order to help her clients to live and move well, she must practice these teachings in her own life.

Live with Integrity: Terri learned the power of honesty, accountability, and trustworthiness in her prior U.S. Navy career, and carries these values forward into every session and into the ways she operates Ayurga LLC.

Love Your Body and Life: Terri has seen in her own life and her clients lives that the combination of yoga (mind-body practices) and Ayurveda (living practices) can help each person to maintain their equanimity (steadiness), emotional unflappability (resilience), and sense of humor (joy for living).


Learn more about how you can work with Terri and experience her unique Ayurga style of teaching, or book an appointment.

 Specializing in Private Yoga Instruction since 2007

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