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Drawing from decades of experience, AYURGA™ has helped guide students on their yoga journey. Hear from them in their own words below.

 Specializing in Private Yoga Instruction since 2007

Health and Well-being Coach


“I started attending the yoga class while my husband was taking chemo treatments, unfortunately he passed away shortly afterwards.  Terri worked with me several times, helping me thru that difficult time.  She was willing to listen to whatever I needed to talk about that day.  Looking back some may think it was crazy what I was stressing out about, my daughters health, my finances, what direction I was to go in life.  But Terri never judged and was a compassionate listener.  Eighteen months later, I am starting to feel a little more confident in being able to handle life on my own.  And I realize it is because of people like Terri who helped me thru those first few months, when I was operating in a state of shock.”  DA

While attending Terri's Yoga class I realized that this was not just a standard prepared ahead of time class, but she was able to adjust the class to meet the needs of the students on that day.  As a wellness coach, she demonstrated the same ability with me.  At first I thought, oh I really do not need this or I do not know what we are going to talk about today.  But she was always able to draw out of me what was troubling me and gently assist me in finding ways to deal with it. I was blessed to have her assistance in getting thru this initial stage of my grieving.


We all can benefit from having a trusted sounding board when dealing with this thing called Life. Someone who can listen without judgement and assist with putting concerns in perspective in a constructive manner. An individual that reminds you that mental, physical, financial, social and spiritual wellness is essential to being a productive member of society. Terri Miles is just that person of guidance, with her tremendous listening skills, insightful reasoning,  and the ability to break down large goals into manageable, can-do tasks. Our sessions provide me with useful tools to help take my life to the next level. Take a deep breath! She can help you as well.


I've known Terri for 10+ years as my yoga teacher so when she started Well-Being Coaching, I was excited to sign-up to learn from her expertise.  She's professional, knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate and a great listener.  One of the things I've always appreciated about Terri is her ability to explain complex or confusing topics in a clear and accessible way.  She takes abstract concepts related to wellness and contextualizes them in a way that makes sense for my situation.  


I generally try to follow a healthy lifestyle of vegetarian diet, yoga and meditation but I haven't always made the time to be consistent with my practice.  In my work with Terri, I've been successful in committing to a daily mediation practice that has been a struggle for me in the past. I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall well being and stress management.  Terri's Well-Being Coaching was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.  


She helped me understand that my resources not only include financial but also time and expertise which I needed to manage in a way that didn't always leave me with a deficit and feeling exhausted.  By taking better care of myself, I'm a better caregiver for those who rely on me.  I have a more positive outlook and my ability to navigate difficult situations has improved.  Terri is flexible and listens to your needs and provides strategies and insights to accomplish small goals that lead to improved wellness. I'm excited to continue to use what I've learned in my daily life!


My diagnosis of cancer pushed me to seek better care of myself as I recovered from the harsh treatments. I started yoga classes with Terri and am so glad I did. As a first timer, I wasn't sure what to expect. I found her to be welcoming, professional and personable. 


Some days, in her classes, we would get a glimpse of her sense of humor. This helps us realize we need to lighten up and put aside perfection. She focuses on safety and listening to your body to determine how far to push oneself. This will look different for each individual. That is why her yoga classes are good for anyone. After each class I found myself less stressed, happier and I noticed I had less arthritis pain. I do not think it is just coincidence.


 After enjoying the benefits of yoga in Terri's classes, I started life coach sessions with her for well-being. She gently guided me to solutions and referred me to other help when needed. She provided me with tools and techniques that will benefit me now as well as in the future.  I appreciate her expertise and caring nature.


 I want to encourage others to try something new such as yoga and Health & Well-Being Coaching Sessions with Terri. It had provided me with a better quality of life as I look forward to the next session. Thank you Terri!


Holistic Healing and Health

Yoga Teacher

Ayurga TerriMilesYoga-2crop_19 Mar 2018.

“My first day at yoga was my first day of yoga ever. I was nervous and if I remember correctly I was the only student that first day. I was intimidated but Terri with her warm smile and kind face made me realize she wasn’t there to judge me and she never did. From then on I knew she appreciated me for showing up. It was good for her and even better for me. She always praised us for being there.” LH, Cancer Patient

I have taken yoga classes for most of my adult life and reached a point where I wanted some personalized, specific, deeper teaching. I have been taking private classes with Terri since 12/2016. Time with her has become an anchor to my week. Sometimes I come to class with a relatively simple need such as my back being sore after too much work in my garden. Other times I present her with something vague such as life just seems off center and difficult for no discreet reason. Terri has a unique ability to put together a class which meets my needs each time. She uses Yin and flow yoga, along with pilates and meditation in different combinations to create a highly personalized class. I learn something new at each session. I feel very fortunate to have found her."


"Terri's was my first yoga class.  I was reluctant to start because I feared there was a huge learning curve.  She soon taught me that yoga is less focused on the destination to a perfect pose and more focused on the journey to the intent of the pose.  I've asked many questions of Terri and learned much about muscle anatomy, weight distribution, body alignment, and yoga in general.  On many occasions, she has done research to answer my questions.  After my diagnosis of patello-femoral syndrome, Terri helped me understand the causes of my knee pain more than my doctor.  I'm very thankful for Terri's teachings over the years."

- KB

"After practically five useless surgeries (shoulder & knees), I considered yoga as a medicinal means and practice to aid in my overall wellness. Fortunately, I found Terri in April of 2014. Under her direction I've made some magnificent strides, to include increased flexibility, strength, mental acuity and pain relief. The journey has been challenging, but well worth the effort. Common daily tasks have become much easier, and I even encouraged my immediate family to participate. Moreover, I've found a new welcoming and positive community to embrace. Terri is professional, extremely adept at her craft, spiritual, educated, caring and a hard worker. She'll mold you in the direction of your choosing and is eager to see you succeed. Obligate a single hour of your time, and experience for yourself what she can do for you. Enjoy!  Namaste"

- C.C

"I’ve always enjoyed Terri’s classes because her teaching style is detailed in such a way that I feel confident I am doing the poses correctly, rather than questioning the proper form. Early in my pregnancy, I asked Terri what modifications should be made to my practice. She took the time to explain potential hazards and reasons why certain poses should be avoided. Even though I was part of a larger class, she was always cognizant of my needs and offered modifications for any poses that proved to be uncomfortable or impossible for me. In my post-natal yoga journey, I have felt both safe and challenged under Terri’s instruction. She emphasized breathing techniques to help my abdominal muscles return to their pre-pregnancy state and encouraged me to listen to my body as I recovered. I absolutely recommend Terri for pre- and post-natal yoga!"


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