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  • September 2022, Volume 48

    • Fall is a time where we feel bittersweet - the beginning of Fall with cooler temperatures and beautiful display of colors and the end of Summer.  Fall is known as the Harvest month for fruits.  It  is also the time when we can take a moment to assess our lives using the techniques used for fruit inspection.

  • August 2022, Volume 47

    • August reminds that Summer is almost over.  However, it is time to be excited for new projects to commence or to go back to “normal”.  Sometimes the shift into a slower pace enables us to stop to reflect and investigate the meaning of life.  Learn how to live an interesting life by using your free will into the 3S’s.  Continue to learn how to use your free will in conjunction with the Gifts of the Angels (Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Creativity and Humor) that will bring meaning into your life.  

  • July 2022, Volume 46

    • July is the month to remind us to be free using our free will to be a free spirit. Learn how to be a free spirit using our free will in 3S’s.  Learn how to use our free will in the 6 layers of well-being The result enables us to be free spirited.

  • June 2022, Volume 45

    • June is the month of nature’s art work.  Learn how to identify your OBJECTIVE QUALITY EVIDENCE (OQE) using 3S’s and the 6 layers of Health & Well-Being per Life Style Medicine.   

  • May 2022, Volume 44

    • May is the month of transitions.  Learn how to identify your LIFE’S PURPOSE using 3S’s and the 6 layers of Health & Well-Being per Life Style Medicine.  

  • April 2022, Volume 43:

    • Take a moment to learn how to go beyond the OBVIOUS. Learn the techniques using the 3S's for your social well-being. Continue to also learn how to go beyond the obvious on the 6 layers of your personal well-being.

  • March 2022, Volume 42

    • Learn the art of mindfully choosing your words. Learn how to use pre-selected words for the 6 layers of your personal well-being.

  • February 2022, Volume 41:

    • Learn the art of listening. Learn how to mindfully listen. Learn how to listen to 6 layers of Life Style Medicine.

  • January 2022, Volume 41:

    • Learn how "silence" in our lives enables us to observe our thoughts and notice the effects of those thoughts on the 6 layers of our Well-being.

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  • October 2022, Volume 49

    • October is known as the Breast Awareness Month. For my male readers, please continue to read, this month is focused on healing (which includes Cancer). There are a lot of types of Cancers represented by different colors. Men can be diagnosed with breast cancer. Learn how to focus on healing in the various layers of well-being (physical, financial, social, mental, purpose and emotional).

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